Rod , windows decoration and doors specialist.


Rod , windows decoration and doors specialist.


Date created: 2004
Business activities Curtain rods, door and window decor
Current number of employees: 50
Showroom space : 500 m2
Date of arrival at Le Carré : 2014
Number of clients : 2,500
Types of client : Discounters, DIY outlets, large specialist outlets, specialist fabric stores
Distribution zones :France, the French overseas territories, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, East Europe, Africa
Number of references: :Approx. 8,000


  • Curtain rods (wood, wrought iron), door and window panes
  • Decorative accessories: customised curtains and net curtains
  • Awnings: cloth, bamboo, PVC, aluminium etc
  • Door curtains
  • Mosquito curtains and grills
  • Insulation


  • Specialists in curtain rods and decorative accessories for doors and windows
  • A widespread sales team able to recommend, for each product family, display units adapted to clients’ needs
  • Renewed product offering twice a year (January and September)
  • Regular quality control of all products plus strict logistics tracking
  • Exclusive designs for a large number of products



Our other French sites are a long way from the capital, which wasn’t good for our customer relations. Le Carré gives us all the advantages of a large exhibition area plus a really pleasant work environment. It’s the perfect place for meeting buyers. Becoming a member of the GIE was an obvious choice. It brings a spirit of healthy competition to our work. It also makes our clients’ jobs easier by enabling them to find all the products needed for their stores on one site. This set-up makes the site even more attractive and the complementarity of our product families is a real strength. Finally, with export a priority for us today, the ability to talk with leaders in the sector is surely an added boost for our reputation overseas.



Our distribution clients need to stand out from the competition, but also have to comply with market demand. As importers, we must therefore support them in terms of innovation, while being careful to ensure our products provide the best possible value for money. Personalised interiors are all the rage nowadays. Which is why we need to inspire consumers and make them want to change their decor more often. They want us to surprise them, and that’s what we try to do!