House and garden equipments: interior design, culinary art, festives articles and event products.


House and garden equipments: interior design, culinary art, festives articles and event products.


Date created : 1976
Business activities : Garden and homeware
Current number of employees : 360
Showroom space : 10,000 m2
Date of arrival at Le Carré : 2007
Number of clients : 1,500 and approx. 4,000 sales outlets
Types of client : Large specialist outlets, large food outlets, large and medium-sized outlets and discounters
Distribution zones : France and Europe (the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Belgium)
Number of references : 15 000


Seasonal products 

  • HESPERIDE: Garden furniture
  • BE TOY: Toys and games
  • FEERIC LIGHTS AND CHRISTMAS: Christmas products
  • EPHERIA: Items for parties and events

5 lifestyle brands

  • ATMOSPHERA: interior decoration
  • SECRET DE GOURMET: cooking and tableware
  • BAG’N STORE: fashion accessories
  • INSTANT D’O: bathroom equipment
  • CLEAN HOUSE: cleaning and household products


  • In-house sourcing, design and engineering
  • Very good value for money, with 10 people dedicated exclusively to quality control.
  • A high availability of products, with all references in stock.
  • A 110,000 m2 logistics centre that ensures delivery throughout France and Europe within 24 to 48 hours.
  • The ability to manage 500 manufacturers worldwide in order to develop product ranges that are carefully adapted to distributors’ needs.
  • Ability to create customised products for certain clients



The site’s geographic location is a huge asset for us – on the outskirts of Paris and near Tradexpo and Charles de Gaulle airport. We also liked the site’s growth potential and the fact that we could install our head office here. We are a founding member of this GIE, which we created to reap the benefits of collaboration between the companies located at Le Carré. We all have similar distribution profiles and development strategies that are turned towards Europe. It’s a great opportunity for us all to be able to exchange information and ideas and conduct joint ventures, and thereby market our products and services beyond our national boundaries.


We have to recognise the fact that consumers are increasingly demanding. On the other hand, distributors have varying requirements that we need to be able to meet. The companies we manage today have evolved in a difficult economic context and are having to measure up to increasing foreign competition. Nowadays, we have to be as good at being competitive as we are at planning, financial management and having a diverse and original product range