Personal and household equipment specialist with 29 brands spread over 7 universes: Kitchen, Home deco, accesories, bathroom, leisures, high-tech, games and childhood.


Personal and household equipment specialist with 29 brands spread over 7 universes: Kitchen, Home deco, accesories, bathroom, leisures, high-tech, games and childhood.


Date created : 1957
Business activities : Personal and household goods
Current number of employees : 180: 145 in France and 35 in Asia
Showroom space : 1,800 m²
Date of arrival at Le Carré : 2007
Number of clients : 3,000
Types of client : Wholesale distributors, large specialist stores, discounters, independent retailers, e-commerce
Distribution zones : France, plus 55 countries worldwide including Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland, Columbia, Algeria, Morocco, Russia, Israel, Canada and Dubai

Number of references: : More than 3,000


35 brands divided into 7 categories:

  • Kitchenware (cooking, baking and cutting utensils, storage etc): Saveur & Dégustation, Lily Cook, Take Away, Easy Make, Cuisy, Pick & Drink, Atout Prix, Hello Kids.
  • Homeware and decoration (light fixtures, clocks, candles, small furniture, rugs, home crafts): Top Vente, DKO KDO, Party Time, Idébox, Blue Corner, Je cherche une idée, Dîtes-le avec des Mots.
  • Personal accessories(beauty and well-being, jewellery, umbrellas, watches etc): Sensly, Entre Temps, Cosmetic Club
  • Bathroom (bathroom accessories, shelving, storage): Bain & Bulles
  • Leisure (sports, DIY, birthdays and celebrations, stationary, sewing, shopping): 1 an de plus, You Sport Ultimate, Tinker, Jet lag, Créatrice de génie, Flave, e-solution, Mister Gadget, Aérodrone, Access Car
  • High tech (audio headphones, speakers, smartphone and tablet accessories, cameras etc): Fun Connection, Be Mix
  • Games and childhood (games, toys, cuddly toys, handicrafts, childcare): Jeux 2 Mômes, Créateur de génie, Tom & Zoé

High-end and licensed products via The Concept Factory, Groupe CMP

Highly fashionable and stylish gifts and interior decoration products.


  • A large and well-structured product offering covering 35 brands and all of the homeware, high-tech and leisure sectors.
  • High standards regarding product quality and safety: In France, 10 employees are responsible for quality, while in Asia 35 employees supervise the production sites.
  • Since 2012, has taken part in several standards commissions run by France’s official standards body AFNOR (food siphons, toys, electronic equipment)
  • Strong, sustained investment in research and development – twice awarded the title of “innovative company”, by OSEO in 2011 and by BPI France in 2015.
  • Personalised and customised services available to partner companies: Exclusively designed product. Merchandising solutions to simplify product display and increase in-store traffic


At Le Carré we have a very big showroom and commercial premises that are both pleasant and modern – perfect for meeting clients.
The site location is obviously highly advantageous, half-way between Paris and Charles-de-Gaulle airport. We also wanted to be closer to other distribution companies.
Hence the idea of creating this GIE, to bring us all together as part of one group and organise our communications at national and international levels. It also enables us to provide both existing and prospective clients with the biggest product offering in the sector, all in one place.


CMP believes it is vital nowadays to follow trends as closely as possible, with products that are both highly stylish and suited to consumers’ lifestyles. Attractive prices without compromising on quality – it’s a difficult balancing act. Fashions change very quickly, so we have to vary and renew our product offering on a constant basis.
That’s why, at CMP, we have been successful in making fashionable products accessible to a wider public by focusing heavily on R&D (technical, design and marketing), in order to spawn new ideas and set us apart from the competition.