About us

Editorial of Jacques-Olivier Abiteboul, President of Le Carré GIE

Since Le Carré des Aviateurs opened its doors in 2007 it has been joined by many homeware and leisure importers, some of who are pioneers in the sector with more than 50 years’ experience.

It’s a sector that has come a long way since it’s creation and especially over the last 10 years.We no longer simply aim to import into France products from around the world, but to actually build collections around leading trends in the market.We also bring true added value, in the form of exclusive designs and related services that represent a major bonus for our customers.Our aim? To consistently offer the best possible value for money.

The companies that have taken this leap have also been able to forge strong partnerships with stakeholders throughout the discount distribution network (hard and soft) and with general and specialist outlets and gift shops,thanks to our skills-sharing philosophy. That’s certainly true for the importers at Le Carré des Aviateurs, who are steadily perfecting their product ranges in response to consumers’ different needs.

Within the Carré des Aviateurs, distribution specialists can find – on one site- up to 80% of the products required to open a homeware sales outlet. While some members may have similar product offerings, overall the site is more complementary than competitive. This is a huge asset in terms of developing our business and attracting new customers.

We therefore created the Le Carré economic interest grouping (GIE) as an additional way to strengthen our reputation, both individually and as a group, by pooling our channels of communication. The GIE also boosts our momentum through constructive dialogue between professionals working in the sector. Last but not least, it enables each of us to tap into our partner companies’ networks and thereby create new development opportunities both in France and abroad.